You undoubtedly do not read a website in a straight line from front to back. There is a good chance that you will fall head over heels in this place. We’ll update you quickly: if you would have read the website from the home page, you would fully understand that we, two dancers, also coach.

Forget the dance (for a moment). When it comes to coaching and personal growth, that is ‘just’ a means, a reason. In our work we see how important it is to be able to put your finger on what drives someone, blocks someone, makes them afraid, happy, angry or sad, touches them, bored, exhausts or gives them energy.

The achievement, the goal, can be top level dancing. But also want to feel better about yourself, want to deal better with work pressure, want to work better with colleagues, want to communicate better with your partner, want to relax more in your free time or want to discover and monitor your limits better. You can work out these and other development questions with the help of a coach and thus achieve your goal in a planned manner.


The moment you choose to involve a coach in your process, you are already growing. In fact, you are giving yourself a nice gift and with that confirmation that you are going to put energy into yourself.

Coaching is not a protected profession. That can make it difficult to find a coach who has skills that will help you solidly. During my work as a dance coach I noticed that I really enjoy coaching in a broader area. At the same time, it turned out that I also succeeded well in creating peace, security and trust: the basis for growth through coaching. This made me decide to train as a (psychodynamic) coach.

Paul-Cynthia - Paul Bakker coach

When Paul coaches

When I coach, at a certain point a feeling of mutual trust arises. The person I coach takes me along in his or her life, thinking and feeling. I don’t take that for granted and it evokes deep respect in me. I often get back that it is this respect, this safety, that means that doors are allowed and able to open.

I cannot answer the question of whether I am ‘your’ coach here. It takes much more than what I can convey here. I have the baggage and skills in house – through experience and training – and yet we will only know if it ‘works’ after an introduction. A meeting I look forward to!