We breathe dance. Our life is dance. It is therefore obvious to us that we want to put energy into putting dance on the map in the Netherlands even better. We do this under the name


DANCE ↑ stands for pleasure, ambition, drive, zest for life, entrepreneurship, growth. For us it represents the focus to share with others everything we feel about dance.

Paul-Cynthia | Cynthia Kolijn danst

When Cynthia dances

When I dance, everything that happened that day falls away from me. There is nothing else than moving to music – and that feels like ultimate freedom.

For me, dancing is telling a story. The emotions I convey in it come straight from my heart.


DANCE ↑ is wide. The coaching of top dancers fits in, with the goal being to reach the highest attainable level. At the other end of the dance spectrum, we want to introduce primary school children to dance and thereby plant a seed for the future.

Growth and DANCE ↑ are synonymous. Growth can take many forms: the professional who refines a dance to convince the jury is growth, the child who comes home enthusiastically and tells about the fun dance at school is growth.

We are buzzing with ideas and energy to give substance to DANCE ↑. We will use our website and social media to include you and others in this. Follow DANCE ↑, help build DANCE ↑. We are your (dance) partner!